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Sportsmanship Letter from Athletic Director

Posted Saturday, October 30, 2010 by Brett Jones
 Booster Club Members, Alumni, Faculty, Staff and Students

Although I was unable to attend the game Friday night in Spiro, I understand that the environment on our side of the stadium was "toxic.".  This toxicity was created by the perception that we were not getting afair shake from the officials in the game. Perhaps we weren't, but that does not excuse the actions of some of our fans that crossed the line of sportsmanship and decency.

 As a result, I have received several messages, calls, and notes in which the word ridiculous was used to describe the behavior of some of our fans.  It is even more noteworthy to me that in the same communications these fans indicated to me that they were embarrassed to be in attendance. I never thought that anyone would have to be embarrassed to be a Bulldog fan.

We have experienced the greatest boost in pride and school spirit this year that I have ever seen. It is unfortunate that only one incident can dampen that.  We try everyday to teach your kids and mine character, sportsmanship, and fair play. We also try to teach them that they will face adversity on the field and off, and that their response to such will define them as a person.

 When we put on a Valliant uniform we represent so much more than just one team. We represent ourselves, our school, our teachers, our staff, our parents, our fans, and our community. We try to represent everyone proudly whether we win or lose everywhere we go.  It is important to remember that our fans also represent the same people when they are in the stands. 

 We can't do anything about what has already happened. It will not be easy to get back the fans we lost Friday night. It will be even harder for us to regain the respect we lost because of the actions of a few.

 We can make an attempt though. We all need to be the example of the ideal fan. Cheer hard for your kids. Cheer harder for our team. When adversity enters the picture make the choice to do the right thing.

 I am proud to be a Valliant Bulldog and represent all it stands for. I want us all to be fans of Valliant and represent ourselves in a way that everyone can be proud of.

 Its a great day to be a Bulldog.

 Craig Wall, AD


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