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"Toughness" wins the Title

Posted Monday, March 07, 2011 by Brett Jones
Team Toughness won the Valliant Football Off-Season competition this year.  Each year, the players who remain in the off-season football program compete for two months to see which team (group of approximately five to six players) can get the most points.  Everything done in the of-season is based on competition among the teams.  The coaches picked four captains and those captains drafted the remaining players.  Each team picked its name based on a character trait of its choosing.  The order of finish was: Toughness, first place; Sacrifice, second place; Leadership, third place; and Discipline, fourth place. 

Teams earned points by winning competitions such as agility drills, relays, strength tests, breaking speed/strength records, fundraising efforts, or having the best grade point average as a team.  Players lose points for their team by missing practice, being academically ineligible, having poor effort, being late or leaving early.

The wining team consisted of captain Matt Ward, Mason Stidham, Levi Hilliard, Bayln Newsom, Nick Glover, Dylan Guest,  Colton Taylor, and Jake Baxter.

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