Antlers Game/Foreman Week

Posted Saturday, September 03, 2011 by Brett Jones
 Antlers Game
We really took advantage of the Bearcat miscues and turned it into a rout.  Our offense scored on every possession.  We had a lot of big plays.  We threw and caught the ball very well.  Defensively we struggled at times but only gave up 3 points.  Special teams was outstanding!  We did very well in that department after having gone live for the first time.  Overall very pleased with the outcome, always good to get a big opening win against our rivals.  
Our players were surprised by the addition of the orange game pants, we had them in each players locker after pregame to change into.  They had no idea.  We thought they looked sharp.
The Gators have struggled as of late coming off a big opening loss to Genoa.  They are in the Spread on offense but still like to run the ball.  They really pack the box on defense trying to stop the running game.  
We have to try and get better at what we do and not worry about who our opponent is.